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Anonymous:   since jan hes been ignoring my texts that ive sent saying that I miss him and that I wanna sort us out and start over again, I don't know what im meant to do, should I wait or move on as hes giving me mixed signals and he wont even reply to my texts. I don't think its fair that he used to constantly text me when he missed me and now that I miss him and text him, he ignores me. I want to move on but I know if I do, he wont get back with me. its been 3 months and I still miss him so much.

I’ve been in the same position as you. You have to realize, that YOU broke it off with him. Men don’t show their feelings so they act strong about the situation. He was most likely really hurt about what you did. If I were you, move on because he lost interest. If he ever looks at you again, it’ll most likely be only in a physical attraction. He isn’t going to like you the same way anymore. 

Anonymous:   basically ive been dating this girl for two months, for the first month and a half we had problems but minor ones, now we have arguments every day and this is all because of her dating my step brother before. she thinks I need to let go of it but I feel as if she doesn't treat me aswell as him when ive always treated her much better than he did, ive stayed faithful and honest to her whereas he cheated on her, gave her anxiety and depression.i don't know how im meant to let go of it

you need to learn how to stop comparing yourself to your step brother. she is obviously really heartbroken from him. Just be there for her and make it apparent that you love her a lot

Anonymous:   I like this girl a lot but she has a boyfriend but the are fighting at the moment and about to break up what do I do.

SWOOP. jk be there for her. A shoulder to cry on is a dick to ride on 

Anonymous:   (this is the rest of my question)we were planning on getting married before i enlist in the military and if we do that its only a year and a half away. but now im starting to thing i dont want to marry her. if i dont want to marry her should i just end it now and get it over with sense there is no point in us continuing or what should i do? i just needed someone to talk to

Do you not think she can wait for you? 

Anonymous:   I've been dating this guy for a few months now. He really cares about me, and I know he tries so hard to make me happy. There are just a few things about him that are making me doubt us having a future together. He met my parents a few times, and the last time he was here, he didn't shake my Dad's hand when he came or when he left. We were at a bar and he left because the music was too loud. I told him he these things bothered me and what I want him to do more of. Can a guy change?

Yes, a guy could definitely change. If you are having some issues with him, make sure to talk about it with him. Nothing will get fixed unless you guys communicate. Communication is such a big aspect when you’re in a relationship with someone 

Anonymous:   Me and my boyfriend broke up a few months back but we are still best friends, I have a new boyfriend, and today he told me he was seeing someone; my best friend. He said they really liked each other but she didn't want to tell me as she didn't want to ruin our friendship. Cause of the type of person I am, I said I was happy and that it would be nice, even though it's killing me inside. I don't want to be a bitch and stop them dating, but I love my ex and I don't want it to happen between them

I know it’s difficult seeing your best friend dating your ex. But you have to consider, don’t you think he was really hurt when you started dating your new boyfriend? He probably felt the same way as well. Sometimes, if you really love someone, it is best to let them be happy with others. 

Anonymous:   I have a friend who is having a really big problem. He is in a long distance relationship with another guy, but the other guy has been somewhat abusive and now my friend wants to break up with him. He keeps trying, but his boyfriend keeps threatening to commit suicide if he tries to end the relationship... He is pretty much being held hostage... Do you have any advice...?

I have been in this situation before. To be honest with you, he is guilt tripping your friend. I would tell your friend to be straight up with his boyfriend and talk it out with him. Maybe he could even suggest just being friends.

Anonymous:   (Cont. 3) gestures toward me during camp didn't actually mean anything. I still think about him way too often and I don't know what I'm going to do next year when I see him at camp. I wish I didn't ever have to see him again.. :'( Thank you so much for the advice if you can give me any. I really appreciate it.

I think you should act friendly towards him when you see him at camp. If he was ignoring you, then it is such a shame. Show him that you are doing completely fine without him. As for the thing with the other girls, I would be careful because he could potentially be a player. Always keep your guard up. 

Anonymous:   is there a way i can ask without it being posted for all to see?

i can answer your questions privately if you like :)

Relationship Tip #25
“Realizing that your love one isn’t perfect is realizing that you love them for who they are.”
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Relationship Tip #25

Realizing that your love one isn’t perfect is realizing that you love them for who they are.”


 Follow For more Tips! Support! Goal is to reach 500!